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Fallout New Vegas Criticism

I love New Vegas, its my favorite game of all time. And it is for a lot of other people too. This unfortunately means that its almost impossible to say anything negative about the game on Reddit without getting massively shat on. The only point you seem to be allowed to criticize is the bugs, which gets rebutted by "but they only had 18 months to make it" or "Bethesda was in charge of QA", as if any of these things excuse it for you as a customer.
So now that the game is 10 years old and most of us have played it tons of times, I thought it would be a good time to make a thread where we can actually criticize this lovely game. I'll start, now bear in mind this is of course all degrees of subjective so don't throw "uR nOT obJEvTiVE" at me just yet:
  1. The bugs has to be meantioned first. The game ran horribly at release and still did for a long time after. Its first many years later with patches and mods that we reached something that can be called mostly stable. I'm playing it right now only with stability mods on and it still crashes about once every 1-2 hours, and its still very buggy and janky.
  2. Caravan, this game's made up card game, is horrible. Firstly its very buggy somehow. I am surprised they couldn't even bug fix a solitaire-like card game, but here we are. Secondly even when it works its not very fun. It takes minimum 3 cards to make a caravan and only one king or jack to ruin it. It means it heavily favors just fucking up your opponent and hope you win the war of card attrition. The game used to be stupidly easy but was then patched so now the AI will spam kings and jacks constantly. After I got the 30 games achievement I dropped it. Lastly the game doesn't do anything with Caravan. There is no quest to become the Mojave champion or such. I get this isn't needed but it would have helped make it interesting. The only other games in the game are casino games which all depends on your luck stat. I would love being able to play high stakes Caravan.
  3. Cut content. Roleplaying is best when you actually have good reason to join both sides. In Fallout New Vegas the NCR gets the majority of the content. If you side with the Legion you can finish all the faction quests in a few hours, meanwhile the NCR has so many quests I always have to check the wiki to remember them all. Its such a shame. It doesn't help that for 3 of the endings you can work with the NCR but only 1 for the Legion. I don't get this when in 2 of those endings you end up double crossing the NCR anyways, why not allow the player to double cross the Legion? The difference being that the NCR will stand down and the Legion will then try to fight you and your army.
  4. Caesar's Legion is weird. I love most of the faction. I love the ideological conflict between a faction trying to redo democracy but running into the same problems with corruption vs a brutal but safe dictatorship. I like talking to everyone and its cool to see how different peoples' options are of the factions. Some just hate the Legion outright because of their massacre. Some see the value of having a safe society, Cass mentions how she considered running her caravan in the Legion instead of the NCR because its safer. Its cool. However I can't get over the fact that this faction is a big ancient Rome LARP. They run around in football gear. Why not just make them look normal, or similar to Romans but not literally Romans. Its such a well crafted faction that gets ruined by this pretty silly design.
  5. Independent is basically the House route but with you instead. You don't get to choose what your plans are other than your interactions with the small factions, which also doesn't feel special. You don't ever get to use your securitrons. It would have been extremely cool to be able to send your army with you to wipe out or subjugate factions instead of just doing the same quest you do if you side with House. Again, you are also forced into a choice between an uneasy alliance with the NCR where you double cross them, or killing both major factions. You can't make it clear to them beforehand that you don't want to be annexed.
  6. The economy is poorly balanced. In Fallout 3 you barely made any money and vendors were just as poor, so it took a long time to accumulate wealth. Most players would just use gear they found instead of paying for it at a store. In Fallout New Vegas you can easily have 5000 caps by the time you reach The Strip. I had twice that when I reached it 2 days ago. Stores have tons of money and are more than willing to buy all your junk. The economy just breaks when vendors are willing to buy all the crap you pick up at such high prices as NV has. I think you can get them to buy for 90% of their value, that's fucking insane. I try to not level up barter too quickly as it just makes the game too easy but I also hate crippling myself like this. The game's vendors need to be selective about what they buy and how much they pay for it. You need 2000 caps to inter the strip, that's pretty much nothing. The game even gives you tons of ways around the credit check so clearly they meant for it to be a hurdle.
  7. The map. I'm not saying its bad, but going from Fallout 3 to NV makes you miss the feeling of being able to go in any direction and always find something. New Vegas is very railroaded. It has a ton of mountains and invisible walls to make the player go specific places (Edit: a lot of people are citing this one setence and using it to rebut me, guys read the whole damn thing). I can still let myself get lost in Fallout 3, in NV I always know exactly which way I'm supposed to go. The game has no counterpart to F3's Andale or Oasis. There are no small outskirts places for you to discover in some random spot. All the towns are along the main roads, with a handful of cool places that are off the beaten path. I love following the road through Primm->Nipton->Novac->Boulder City->Vegas, its an excellent experience for following the main story and finding a ton of side content, and I love they gave returning players the option to head straight north and try their luck. But when I just want to do some side content I always feel like I have to follow a track. I AM NOT SAYING THE MAP IS BAD. Just that it follows a certain design that some don't like. I like it when I just want to do the main story, its a really nice experience that way. But if you want to just go in any direction like in a Bethesda RPG you will get disappointed. There are tons of invisible walls and mountains in the way. Imagine if you started in Freeside instead and just had to get the cash to get into the strip (more than 2k). Then you can choose to follow the I-88, go towards Jacobstown, Bitter Springs, do stuff in Freeside or the other communities around Vegas. Would be a great alternative start for returning players.
Edit: some extra
  1. Combat is ass to say it bluntly. For some reason people always excuse the poor combat in RPG's because its not the games' focus or because its almost tradition at this point. I don't see why I as a player and paying customer should make excuses for a product I paid for. Its embarrasing how poor the AI is in the game, how poorly combat works and how unbalanced the game is. I can go through a ton of the game with my Couriers Stash 10mm and Vault armor and just blast entire legion or NCR camps, and then suddenly difficulty can turn on a dime and an enemy can kill me in 3-4 hits. Difficulty in RPGs is such an important thing as it directly influences your decisions. In Fallout 1 and 2 I did my best to not bite off more than I could chew. In NV can do pretty much anything other than go to Sloan at the start, which is a part that most have noticed too.
  2. The selection of guns is fine, but not armors. Without ultimate edition you don't get any good early game armor in the game. The only option is leather armor. Mid game you fight to get either power armor or combat armor mk2, and late game is all about Riot Gear from Lonesome Road. They could have made armor interesting by giving it stronger buffs and debuffs. PA and metal armor has a -1 to agility but often +1 to strength. Why not give such traits to all armors and maybe even make it stronger? Too much of the armor is also faction armor which you don't want to be wearing unless you are infiltrating somewhere.
  3. Speech is too much like Fallout 3 and not enough like 1 and 2. In 3 and NV dialogue either ends in a skill check (too often speech) or you having to do a task if you can't pass the check. What's being said is largely unimportant unless it leads to a different outcome. In Fallout 1 and 2 dialogue was much more about reading each option and thinking about how the character you were talking too would react. You often couldn't just [speech] 50 do what I want. NV has a few moments where you actually does have to argue and its some of its strongest parts.
  4. Crafting could have been more. This is more of a "what could have been" argument, but personally I don't see why you shouldn't be able to craft a lot more guns or armors. I don't want Fallout 4's style of somehow being able to craft tons of pre war objects you clearly don't have the tools to make, but just having a good selection of makeshift guns and armors would have made crafting and also survival much better.
These are my thoughts. Please feel free to share yours!
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12/14 MAC Attack Free NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

12/14 MAC Attack Free NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns
MAC Attack

12/14 MAC Attack Free NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

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12/14 - 08:15 PM - Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns
Play: Ravens -3
MAC is taking the bait, Baltimore is on the marge and looking to get that W tonight. consensus signals are indicating to lay the small 3 and take it to the bank. MAC has a premium pick on the total from on the ground scouts that have been informed of some credible information from in team associates.
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Quick trends:
  • Ravens are 6-0 ATS in their last 6 games in December.
  • Ravens are 7-3 ATS in their last 10 meetings.
  • Road team is 15-6-1 ATS in their last 22 meetings.
  • Ravens are 9-2-1 ATS in their last 12 meetings in Cleveland.
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NBA Action - Phoenix at Utah (Trends, Odds, Stats & Free Pick)

NBA Action - Phoenix at Utah (Trends, Odds, Stats & Free Pick)

NBA Action - Phoenix at Utah (Trends, Odds, Stats & Free Pick)

PRESEASON | NBA - Dec 14 - Phoenix -2 vs Utah +2
  • Suns are 7-0 ATS in their last 7 after allowing 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Suns are 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games as a favorite.
  • Suns are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games as a road favorite.
  • Suns are 6-0 ATS in their last 6 games playing on 1 days rest.
  • Suns are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 road games.
  • Suns are 10-1 ATS in their last 11 games overall.
  • Suns are 10-1 ATS in their last 11 when their opponent allows 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Suns are 10-1 ATS in their last 11 when their opponent scores 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Suns are 10-1 ATS in their last 11 after scoring 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Suns are 10-4 ATS in their last 14 Monday games.
  • Suns are 3-8 ATS in their last 11 games following a straight up loss.
  • Suns are 3-9 ATS in their last 12 games following a ATS loss.
  • Suns are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games following a straight up loss of more than 10 points
  • Jazz are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games as a home underdog.
  • Jazz are 10-3-1 ATS in their last 14 games as an underdog.
  • Jazz are 1-3-1 ATS in their last 5 games following a straight up win of more than 10 points.
  • Jazz are 4-12-2 ATS in their last 18 home games.
  • Jazz are 2-7 ATS in their last 9 games following a ATS win.
  • Jazz are 0-3-1 ATS in their last 4 games overall.
  • Jazz are 0-3-1 ATS in their last 4 when their opponent allows 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Jazz are 0-3-1 ATS in their last 4 after scoring 100 points or more in their previous game.
  • Jazz are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 Monday games.
Play: Phoenix Suns -2
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12/10 - NFL + NCAAB Hush Money Move Today - 4-1 Last 5 Exclusive CBB Plays!

12/10 - NFL + NCAAB Hush Money Move Today - 4-1 Last 5 Exclusive CBB Plays!
The MAC's Picks

12/10 - NFL + NCAAB Hush Money Move Today - 4-1 Last 5 Exclusive CBB Plays!

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12/10 - 08:20 PM New England Patriot vs Los Angeles Rams
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12/10 - 06:30 PM North Dakota vs South Dakota
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MAC's Early Info MMA Action

12/12 - 10:00 PM - Cub Swanson vs Daniel Pineda
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MAC Attack Free Play - NCAAF

7:00 PM ET - Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech
Quick Trends:
  • Over is 7-0 in Panthers last 7 games overall.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games after accumulating less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game.
  • Over is 4-0 in Panthers last 4 games after allowing more than 280 yards passing in their previous game.
  • Over is 7-0 in Panthers last 7 games after allowing more than 450 total yards in their previous game.
  • Over is 4-0 in Panthers last 4 games following a ATS loss.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games following a straight up loss of more than 20 points.
  • Under is 6-0 in Panthers last 6 games after scoring more than 40 points in their previous game.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games following a straight up loss.
The Pitt Panthers and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are both looking to get back on the winning side when they meet Thursday in Atlanta.
Pitt (5-5, 4-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) is coming off a disappointing 52-17 loss to No. 4 Clemson in its last game on Nov. 28. Georgia Tech (3-6, 3-5 ACC) dropped a 23-13 road decision to NC State on Saturday.
Pitt leads the series 9-5, has won two straight and four of the last five contests. The Panthers won 20-10 win in Atlanta in 2019.
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Midrange Highlander Mage - A New and Proactive Take

Hello CompetitiveHS!
I am Giffca, and I like building off-meta decks that occasionally play well against the existing meta. You may remember me from Incredible Arcane Watcher Shaman only a few months ago! I've got something new for you today. This deck in particular feels like it can hang with any deck in the game right now. I cut out all of the slow reactive cards from a traditional HL list and replaced them with some more proactive packages that have a bit more strategy than "try not to die and play poof/box as soon as possible".
To be quite honest, I didn't think I was doing anything that special (hence the initial decklist name, "whynot" lol). But I've had really solid success over the last week climbing from D5 to legend, and intend to see how far I can take this list. I have maintained a +70% winrate over a 75ish game sample size, which is nothing to scoff at. This deck has a nice set of inter-mingling synergies that feel powerful and make for very dynamic games.

Below is the deck, its stats, and a brief overview of the key packages:
### whynot
# Class: Mage
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Phoenix
# 1x (1) Arcane Breath
# 1x (1) Brain Freeze
# 1x (1) Devolving Missiles
# 1x (1) Lab Partner
# 1x (1) Magic Trick
# 1x (1) Primordial Studies
# 1x (1) Violet Spellwing
# 1x (1) Wand Thief
# 1x (2) Astromancer Solarian
# 1x (2) Cram Session
# 1x (2) Frostbolt
# 1x (2) Sorcerer's Apprentice
# 1x (2) Zephrys the Great
# 1x (3) Arcane Amplifier
# 1x (3) Chenvaala
# 1x (3) Firebrand
# 1x (3) Vulpera Scoundrel
# 1x (4) Azure Explorer
# 1x (4) Conjurer's Calling
# 1x (4) Crimson Hothead
# 1x (4) Fireball
# 1x (4) Potion of Illusion
# 1x (4) Twilight Drake
# 1x (5) Cobalt Spellkin
# 1x (5) Jandice Barov
# 1x (5) Malygos, Aspect of Magic
# 1x (6) Onyx Magescribe
# 1x (6) Reno the Relicologist
# 1x (8) Mana Giant
# 1x (9) Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Stats (51-20, all games were played between D5 and Legend 5000ish):

Packages and Card Choice Overview
Highlander Package (Zeph, Reno, Alex, Potion of Illusion):
The first three need no explanation, but the fourth one likely raises some eyebrows. It's not a must-have, but it is so strong any time you can play it. Don't be greedy, as this deck does not lack value. My most common targets for potion are Reno and Malygos, and getting a single extra of either can be game-winning on its own. You will almost never potion a Zeph, but potion'ing DQA's 1 mana minion can be great too. Reno and Zeph are the reason you play this deck, Alex is a consolation prize.

Card Generation Package (too many to list, Mana Giant, Conjurer's Calling):
Pretty much every card in this list adds additional cards to your hand, meaning you are very unlikely to run out of value any time soon. Not only does this mean that you can adapt your game plan to your opponent, it also means that you can hang with the likes of Control/HL priest well into the late game. As a happy bonus, you will often be able to discount your mana giant to be 0-4 mana, which can lead to a conjurer's calling creating a ton of stats on board out of nowhere. Note that conjurer's calling also works really well with "1 mana" cards created by potion of illusion or DQA, as well as 5-drops from Jandice Barov.

Burn Spells Package (Frostbolt, Fireball, Malygos, Azure Explorer):
Not many people expect fireball to be hard-run in a highlander mage list, which means you are regularly able to finish the game earlier than your opponent expects. Augment the above with generated burn, malygos spells, and some cheap spell damage, and you've got 12+ reach from hand constantly ready to go. All of these cards are also quite effective at controlling the board if needed.

Spell Damage / Cheap Spells Package (too many to list, Firebrand, Chenvaala):
These cards give us early game plays and anti-aggro defense, but scale really nicely into the late game. Using boosted cram sessions to re-load or reclaim the board with 1 mana spells that become really dangerous really quickly again fits the deck theme of being able to stave off aggression while also playing the long game. I very seldom "Go Off" with Chenvaala, but it is a must-kill minion with huge upside.

Dragon Package (the 7 Dragons):
This mostly started because Cobalt Spellkin gives extra devolving missiles which are great, and arcane breath is a strong card which complements our game plan nicely. Twilight Drake because our hand is regularly quite full, Onyx Magescribe because he's a big body with an easily activated and strong effect, and Crimson Hothead because he helps keep you alive. I think regular Alexstrasza is too slow for this meta and doesn't fit that well with this list.

Other Specific (Weird?) Card Choices and Omissions:
Sorcerer's Apprentice - This deck doesn't aim for Wombo-Combos, but it has enough cheap spells where SA can be helpful. It is a must-kill minion with an upside that enables some nice tempo plays. Sometimes you can potion a SA for cheeky plays later on down the line, but don't be greedy with her.
Vulpera Scoundrel - Just a nice early game play that you can adapt to your specific needs. If you know the game is going late, get greedy, otherwise an extra arcane missiles or freeze can be life or death vs. aggro.
Chenvaala / Arcane Amplifier - Don't tell anyone, but these are actually the same card. 3 mana 2/5's that get your opponents to kill them immediately. Even aggro decks can't help themselves from trading into those inviting statlines. And if they don't die, they've both got nice upsides.
Jandic Barov - I play this card because it's new and neat and I opened it, but it's pretty substitutable. In fact Ras Frostwhisper might be better with all the spell damage, but this feels better to drop on an empty board (we're a proactive list after all). It also synergizes with Conjurer's and Potion of Illusion.
Reno the Hero - Too slow and reactive for what this deck is aiming to do (in my opinion). Honestly it could earn a spot but I don't want any more dead cards that can land in my mulligan vs. aggro.
Archmage Antonidas - I only recently thought about giving him a try. He can turn your cheap/situational spells into additional fireballs, which seems really good. If you're facing mostly control, feel free to give it a shot, but I think this deck already fares pretty well vs. control.
Weapon Destruction - This deck does not have a good time against bomb warriors or rogues that get weapons + boosters early. Running a 1-of ooze won't fix that problem.
Big Spells Package - Dragoncaller into deep freeze or power of creation or box is very strong, but being alive against aggro on turn 7 with those cards in your hand is a big ask.
Secrets - Too reactive and easy to play around, make for very weak draws when played for 3 mana. This deck is too proactive to want to include a Flame Ward or Ice Barrier.

High Level Match-ups / Strategies:
This deck does not have a singular "strategy", which can make it tough to learn and play. You need to remain adaptable, make good choices with your discovers, and know when/how to lean into the RNG. Unlike regular HL mage, you don't just stall until turn 7/10 and slam Box or Poof hoping to win the CasinoStone. However, there will be games where I intentionally pick up a box from Vulpera on turn 3 knowing that it will come in handy as a probable board clear later.
Against aggro, mulligan for your early drop cards and try to contest the board as much as you can until Reno/Zeph/Firebrand can help decisively swing things in your favor. Potion'ing a Firebrand or Reno leads to many instant concedes. Once you've won the board, you need to be proactive and put your opponent on a clock. People do not play around fireball from HL mage. There have been games where I've kept up with a tempo/stealth rogue into the mid/late game, only to get burned down from full HP over two turns.
Against control, you will not run out of value. Hand size management is critical, because nearly every card replaces itself. 1 or 2 card potions of illusion are plenty, choose your target(s) wisely. You have a steady stream of threats, so spread them out properly and then use burn to finish the job. Playing a DQA on one turn followed by cheap dragons followed by a Mana Giant Conjurer's is often too tough for control decks to handle in succession. If your deck is thin, it can often be correct to discover and shuffle multiple Solarian Primes into your deck, because he is just that powerful. It can be risky to have two Solarian Primes in your deck if you haven't used your HL payoff cards yet, so be warned!

The stats say that Paladin is the toughest matchup, but I don't think we're that unfavored. I think that bomb warrior is by far the toughest matchup, followed closely by aggro rogue or face hunter with really aggressive draws. The thing that I like about this list is that truly every matchup feels winnable and every game feels different.
Feel free to share your thoughts and reflections after giving it a try. Best of luck, and thanks for reading!

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[TECH] La Paz Sation - Lima 1

The groundwork is now in play for us to develop a S. American Solution to space habitation. Doing so will require 3 projects in order to fully achieve a "sprint" at temporary dominance in space before N. American systems come online that must be compensated for. Achieving this has brought 3 distinct designs to be rapidly put into play following opening operations by the HX launch center in Venezuela.

La Paz Station (LEO [500-800km])

La Paz is being considered as a logical first step to S. American space exploitation as Skylab was to the moon landing. La Paz station has been designed as a logistics base in order to facilitate several key goals seen as being necessary for inter-solar activities:
To help facilitate these needs, the station's design is set to incorporate a number of features. These being a large pressurizable free-fall garage to act as a spacecraft servicing and assembly area (similar to a drydock in most regards) situated next to an anti-radiation storm cellar to help keep the onboard crew safe from solar flares, radiation storms, or potential degradation of radiation shielding all being housed within a stationary central "stator". Around the garage will sit many tanks designed for water-trimming, air and fuel storage, and emergency escape capsule containers. Extending from the "mouth" of the garage is planned a set of robotic manipulator arms to help with docking efforts, the capture of payload, or general maintenance.
Attached to the said stator is planned the habitation module of the station. Comprised of the centrifuge (designed to provide artificial gravity to the crew) it spans 100m with a spin of 3 RPMs used to simulate Earth-like gravity at 1 gee. This habitation module is counterweighted at the opposite end of the 100m length in order to provide stability to the station. To attach the centrifuge to the stator without causing unwanted friction a magnetic bearing is used. To help further provide stability to the station a long boom is planned (at the length of 350m) pointed directly down in order to tidally lock the station to Earth. To further alleviate stress on the station the centrifugal module is planned to stay in parallel to the station plane of orbit.
Transfer of crew from station to the centrifugal habitation module is planned to make use of an airlock "pod". Said pod, being a pressurized capsule with docking hatches on both ends and riding a rail, will start docked from the stator. Once crew moving from the stator (or calling from the hab) are safely inside, the capsule detaches from the stator (after locking hatches ofc) and moves towards the centrifuge along the rail whilst at the same time beginning a spin to match speed with the centrifuge. Once the pod has reached the centrifuge hub it will have matched the spin and can easily dock with the hub, opening its hatchway to allow the crew to enter or exit the pod.
On the lower end of the tidal boom, the entirety of which comprises most of the station's length is planned will sit the station's storage which will be used for both their intended purpose as well as acting as shielding for crew members against solar storms. Further up will sit a 4 solar panel arrays and a single array of radiators designed to provide the station with power and bleed off any unnecessary heat from the station. Being fully enclosed, this will allow for the crew to move around the stations lower length performing maintenance, scientific experiments at labs, component assembly, or utilizing onboard electric forges to process raw materials.
The upper end of the boom will mostly only consist of an open truss with enclosed sections of the stator only enclosing a portion of its length and a portion towards the end similarly enclosed. Movement between the two sections will be achieved via a rail system with an airlock present at both ends as well as the top of the boom. This will crew/payloads to be transferred up the length of the boom and deployed into higher orbits utilizing the station as a refueling/assembly point. Similarly, at the bottom of the boom is planned an airlock and a skyhook (of sorts). Whilst, not a true skyhook as to pluck craft from deep atmosphere and suffering from some of the same problems, it will allow craft/payloads arriving at the station to expend far lest propulsive mass in order to achieve orbit with the station. To compensate for the loss of momentum from such an act a series of ionic thrusters are planned at the bottom of the station to be used to help prevent the station from simply falling into the atmosphere (as well as such corrections not relating to a skyhook).
While the station's primary goal has it facilitating astroid mining, it runs into a rather paradoxical issue in that asteroid mining won't exist until such a facility is in place and a facility won't be in place unless there is asteroid mining in need of it. To help compensate for this, the station will primarily be used (in the first phase) to assemble, deploy, and maintain satellites and craft looking to leave earth orbit. Once asteroid mining as the industry comes into its own, then the station's functions will transfer over to material processing and shipping.
Altogether a total crew capacity of 20-30 is planned with options for later expansion of crew facilities.

Lima 1 (LEO[600 KM])

Lima Station is in of themself, designed to fully commercialize space the public and provide those willing and wanting to experience space as a luxury the chance to as well as provide ample room for scientific experimentation and development. Lima 1 is designed to incorporate four distinct elements into its construction the Gateway, the Central Port, The Inner Ring, and the Outer Ring. Each provides a certain function to Lima 1 and together form the next and first generation of S. American Space Habitation.
The Gateway is, in itself, to Lima 1 as a deck is to an aircraft carrier (but in a vacuum) and is designed to facilitate the transfer of shuttlecraft to and from the station. The Gateway holds an unpressurized volume greater than 270,000m3 with approximately 10 total airlock gates, 8 cargo airlocks, and 14 active bay pads (used to move shuttle craft around the Gateway). The bay will be the first constructed area of Lima 1 supporting and facilitating building the rest of the structure.
The next is the Central Port. The Central port is designed to be the business heart of Lima 1. It is here that Lima 1's administration, control room, storage, viewing areas, environmental processing, and Gateway will be located. Designed to house 50 crew with a width of 152m and depth of 76m the Central Port has a total pressurized volume greater than 1.1 million m3. Built second to the Gateway, this section will officially allow for economic/solar operations to begin on the station allowing our personnel to get a feel for the station and test the design before full operations and expansion go into effect.
The Inner Ring is designed to accommodate the first of those willing to take a vacation into space as well as allow our scientists access to microgravity experimentation. Producing 20% of earth gravity via centrifugal spin, the Inner ring the planned features will include such areas as a large open-air gymnasium, a Japanese style garden, a fabulous destination hotel, a food court with restaurants, a band stage for concerts, and a casino. However, this won't just be an exercise in luxury as part of the garden will be situated for vertical farming in order to allow our scientists to better understand and design solutions around farming in micro-gravity. The hotel itself will feature several sound-proof hotel rooms allowing the best sleep in microgravity that can be achieved. Under the guest rooms, a series of hangers housing escape vehicles are planned to give guests to the station the best sense of security possible while enjoying their stay. While guests to the station might have a lot of fun playing around in the inner ring, areas will be designated to the sciences allowing our scientists and engineers to experience, plan, and test in micro-gravity on a scale not normally afforded to other scientific teams around the globe. The width of this disk is slatted at 304m with a depth of 76m which narrows to 45 m at the rim. Gross volume in the Ring is upwards of 3 million + m3 and planned guest rooms set to 300 with solar panel energy generation (along the outside of the ring) expected to achieve total energy output of 10.4 Mw.
The final part of this station will be the Outer ring. Connected via one of four connecting tunnels the outer ring will produce 30% of earth gravity with spacious accommodations for upwards of 1000 residents for lease/rent. With a width of 488m, depth of 45 m, and height of 30 m the total gross volute of this outer ring is slatted at 2.23 million + m3 with similar solar power generation techniques pulling in approx. 45.7 Mw of energy.
Building Lima 1 will happen in stages with the first 3 stages happening closer together with a final "proving" stage occurring 1 year after construction to nail down any issues that might arise before finally building the outer ring. During this time, occupancy of the Inner Ring will be kept to around 30% total occupancy and expanding to 100% after the proving stages are complete. After which a similar proving period will occur with the Outer Ring keeping occupancy to 30% before expanding that to 100%. Each station in of themselves, making use of industries and technologies either currently in development or having been developed within the last century, should be relative "cost-efficient" with a price tag for both coming in at $10 billion USD utilizing the HX launch system, taking into account cost for materials, and labor.
Implementation times are as follows (with material stockpiling and manufacturing occurring within the 2 years period that the HX system comes online after the design phase):
La Paz:
Lima 1:
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MAME 0.218

MAME 0.218

It’s time for MAME 0.218, the first MAME release of 2020! We’ve added a couple of very interesting alternate versions of systems this month. One is a location test version of NMK’s GunNail, with different stage order, wider player shot patterns, a larger player hitbox, and lots of other differences from the final release. The other is The Last Apostle Puppetshow, an incredibly rare export version of Home Data’s Reikai Doushi. Also significant is a newer version Valadon Automation’s Super Bagman. There’s been enough progress made on Konami’s medal games for a number of them to be considered working, including Buttobi Striker, Dam Dam Boy, Korokoro Pensuke, Shuriken Boy and Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay though — they’re essentially gambling games for children.
There are several major computer emulation advances in this release, in completely different areas. Possibly most exciting is the ability to install and run Windows NT on the MIPS Magnum R4000 “Jazz” workstation, with working networking. With the assistance of Ash Wolf, MAME now emulates the Psion Series 5mx PDA. Psion’s EPOC32 operating system is the direct ancestor of the Symbian operating system, that powered a generation of smartphones. IDE and SCSI hard disk support for Acorn 8-bit systems has been added, the latter being one of the components of the BBC Domesday Project system. In PC emulation, Windows 3.1 is now usable with S3 ViRGE accelerated 2D video drivers. F.Ulivi has contributed microcode-level emulation of the iSBC-202 floppy controller for the Intel Intellec MDS-II system, adding 8" floppy disk support.
Of course there are plenty of other improvements and additions, including re-dumps of all the incorrectly dumped GameKing cartridges, disassemblers for PACE, WE32100 and “RipFire” 88000, better Geneve 9640 emulation, and plenty of working software list additions. You can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page (note that 32-bit Windows binaries and “zip-in-zip” source code are no longer supplied).

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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Madness in Monaco!

Good Morning Racers,
Last night, I was doing my 100% distance career mode and hit round 6 - Monaco and had one of the most mental races of my life and wanted to share. I'm not the best around the Circuit de Monaco but I rocked up with a heart boner and ready to try my best.
Free practice 1 did not go well as I spannered it into Casino, carrying way to much speed and just like that, I was out of the session. I mostly limped through FP2/FP3 like a beat dog low on confidence around a circuit that had already lowered my bottoms and made me call it mummy once already. Qualifying was about right for the above but I managed to hit 18th (that's right ladies, below average) and this is where the fun begins.
Being the idiot that I am, I forgot one thing. The Weather Report. Sure enough, I line up on the grid on a wet Monaco track. Great, a track I can't do on a good day and they give me water. Dick move Poseidon. I manage to get a good drive away and get in front of three people but this time I think it was an actual boner rather than a heart boner. Only to remember I turn on formation lap for the first time before the race and we've not started racing yet. SMH idiot.
We come back and line up and we're ready to start racing, shockingly despite proving i'm an idiot several time already I manage a good start and manage to squeeze in front of Butler into Sainte Devote. Go me, to which I settle in for the long haul, mostly clinging to whatever religion I could get my hands on that my car would stay on the track and I could avoid binning it at any moment. Suddenly, the grip in my Inters start to go away from me and I get a message from Geoff (fuck Geoff right). Time to switch to a new strategy. Hard compound on Lap 7 and too use them to the end of the race. I was already approaching Rascasse and panicked. I flew into the pit lane and realised the entire field has dived in for a set of Hard tyres ahead of me. I ended up behind Kyvatt waiting for a new set of boots and emerged the pit lane...dead last. Curse you oh pit stop god in the sky.
So I start the arduous task of chasing down the cars in front of me. I manage to sneak up the inside into Sainte Devote two laps in a row to get the pesky Williams cars out of my way. Great this is actually working and i'm slowing coming up on Lance Stroll in 17th, I sit behind him patiently and wait for an opportunity. This continues mostly the same until lap 29, when i lost focus for milliseconds on the approach to Mirabeau where I miss my braking zone and commit an accidental dive bomb on him completely messing up my front wing and all that hard work in the process. Fuck.
I limp back to the pits with no down force and strap on a new nose cone. Emerging dead last again but with a set of medium, they take half a lap to come up to temp and I trundle over the line 28 seconds behind the Williams, well that's that I think and just start trying to do what I can. I gross the line again and the Williams is 25 seconds up the road. Turns out these mediums are monumentally quick compared to the hard, leaving me with free air and a second a lap quicker than the lead car, let alone the back runners. Game on I think as I start a charge setting fastest lap after fastest lap hunting down Kubica, I catch him by the back of the lap 37 and due to having so much more pace, I fly up the inside at Sainte Devote again and manage to kick on. I continue this charge, overtaking whenever possible and miraculously find myself getting up into 12th place with 10 laps to go.
Where suddenly Monaco bites back with a "no no no ma Petite Cherie", I get it horribly wrong and damage my left wing into Piscine. SMH again. Oh well, there goes the end of my charge but hey, it's only moderate damage and I can still finish this in 12th after all the above? I'll take that, i think.
Wrong again. The Karma gods strike again on lap 72 where the gamble I took before the race by not taking a gear box change comes back to bite me and my car gets stuck in 2nd then 3rd gear whenever I try and accelerate. I'm convinced by this point that based on the Karma I must have been Hitler in a previous life. I limp through the final laps doing everything I can do to keep cars behind me but it's almost impossible when I can't accelerate through the tunnel and I start haemorrhaging places. I manage to finish 17th, 1 place ahead of where I started. I decide to just be happy with that and go to bed.
It was a pretty weird race, but also good fun. Hope you enjoy reading.
TLDR - Poseidon is a dick, I'm an idiot and Monaco can go fuck itself.
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D1000 rooms for Draven Manor

A haunted mansion with a twist, it was touched by the shrouded king, an inter-dimensional being of darkness, now the mansion acts as a pocket dimension with seemingly infinite rooms, and phases through time and space, having been photographed before it was technically created....
Feel free to throw in as many horror references as physically possible.
  1. Foyer
  2. Parlor
  3. Anteroom
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Balcony
  6. Study
  7. Master Bedroom
  8. Nursery'
  9. Graveyard
  10. Boneyard
  11. Bathroom
  12. Washroom
  13. Conservatory
  14. Storage
  15. Kitchen
  16. Dining Room
  17. Ballroom
  18. Laundry Room
  19. Butler's Room
  20. Hidden Room
  21. Fortune Teller's Room
  22. Mirror Room
  23. Projection Room
  24. Billiards Room
  25. Courtyard
  26. Rec Room
  27. Nana's Room
  28. Tea Room
  29. Astral Room
  30. Observatory
  31. Twins' Room
  32. Safari Room
  33. Ceramics Studio
  34. Armory
  35. Clockwork Room
  36. Telephone Room
  37. Art Studio
  38. Sitting Room
  39. Guest Room
  40. Sealed Room
  41. Well
  42. Secret Altar
  43. Pipe Room
  44. Cold Storage
  45. Breaker Room
  46. Cellar
  1. Sauna
  2. Indoor pool
  3. Broom closet
  1. Sewing room
  2. Library
  3. Boiler room
  4. Surgery room
  5. Greenhouse
  6. Pantry
  7. Morgue
  8. Exercise room
  9. Room just for a certain kind of pet (Google 'tarantula room')
  10. Game room
  11. Cell
  12. Woodshop
  13. Swimming pool
  14. Panic room
  15. Padded cell
  16. Torture chamber
  17. Alchemy lab
  18. Doll room
  19. Elevator
  20. Darkroom (like for developing photographs)
  21. Mail room
  1. The lotion room: Dozens if glass shelves hold hundreds bottles of lotion. Footsteps are muffled against the leather floor. The walls are made of living skin hidden behind thin wood panels which fold out of the way like shutters.
  2. The crime scene: A manikin lies motionless inside of a chalk outline. The decor is that of a seedy motel. Flies buzz lazily, crawling in and out of the the sink’s plumbing. Upon inspection a few strands of hair are found in the drain. If you pull them they slide out, slimy and damp, attached to a piece of scalp.
  3. The powder donut: a room with opulent furnishings. Overstuffed chairs and sofa’s welcome visitors. If sat upon, they release a white cloud. Poison? Mold? Anthrax? Powdered sugar? Mites? Only time will tell the effects.
  4. Abandoned room: all the furniture is covered in sheets. If lifted, nothing but dust is found under the cover.
  5. Throne Room
  6. Child’s bedroom
  7. Child’s playroom
  8. Tinkerer’s workshop
  9. Model train room (or world equivalent)
  10. Wood working room
  11. Warehouse storeroom
  12. Dangerous material storage
  13. Pastry kitchen (completely separate from normal kitchen)
  14. Smoke room (for curing meat)
  15. Walk-in closet full of fancy costumes
  16. Emergency supply room (full of water, fire suppressant, weapons, gas masks, and similar. Think prepper)
  17. Room of magically useless curiosities
  18. Statue room (full of statue figures)
  19. Portrait room (full of portraits)
  20. Sculpture room (not figures, more artistic)
  21. Room of stone where everything is made of marble
  22. Golden room (painted or real you decide)
  23. Peacock room (like the famous irl one, beautiful room that was decorated to match the gorgeous painting of peacocks that spans the entirety of the wall and ceiling
  24. Phoenix room (see peacock room, but Phoenix themed.)
  25. Mirrored room
  26. Cozy sitting room (fireplace and hot coco with marshmallows at the ready)
  27. Window room (each window shows a completely different view)
  28. Room filled with sand
  29. Bathroom with dead woman in bathtub (the shining)
Edit: more stuff
  1. Junk room
  2. Tower room
  3. Room of illusion (everyone inside appears to grow either horns or wings, mess with your party as you choose)
  4. Pentagram room
  5. Laboratory
  6. Medical wing
  7. Furnace room
  8. Crematorium
  9. Mausoleum
  10. Embalming room
  11. Padded cell
  12. Suspiciously Empty room
  13. Tavern
  14. Classy bar (like a five star hotel)
  15. Maid’s quarters
  16. Swimming pool
  17. Inhabited swimming pool
  18. Locker room
  19. Movie/play theater
  20. Backstage
  21. Loft
  22. Crawl space
  23. Call center
  24. Scroll room
  25. Interior of Pyramid
  26. Exterior of pyramid inside larger room
  27. Mummy’s Tomb
  28. Automaton room
  29. Trash compactor
  30. Control room
  31. Incubator room
  32. Apothecary
  33. Pharmacy
  34. Waiting room
  35. Stables
  36. Gymnasium
  37. Weight room
  38. Sewing room
  39. Glass cube room (think cabin in the woods)
  40. Rustic Cabin room
  41. Basement
  42. Earthquake room (you feel an earthquake with inside it, but the rest of the house in undisturbed)
  43. Room full of Fragile vases
  44. Room full of cut Flowers
  45. Room with one bloody handprint in the center of the floor
  46. Room with bed (bed has rumpled sheets and is warm to the touch)
  47. Room full of cats
  48. Room with axe stuck in door
  49. Room with typewriter and desk, papers with gibberish written on them are scattered over the floor
  50. Freezer
  51. Room with walls that are made of tree bark. Red sap oozes from it when touched. Smells of pine and mold. Mushrooms grow in patches
  52. Room full of moldy dead rats (perhaps an later temporal space of the live rat room, may seem eerily familiar if they have encountered the living rat room first)
  53. Living rat room: Room of food barrels, when disturbed, rats pour fourth (perhaps an earlier temporal space of the dead rat room, may seem eerily familiar if they have encountered the dead rat room first)
  54. Cheese room

  1. Masonry workshop
  2. Museum
  3. Reliquary
  4. Barracks
  5. Stables
  6. Menagerie
  1. Attic
  2. Boiler Room
  3. Catacombs
  4. Coach House
  5. Darkroom (photography)
  6. Furnace room
  7. Mad Science Laboratory
  8. Music Room
  9. Root Cellar
  10. Safe Room / Panic Room
  11. Sub Basement
  12. Summoning Room
  13. Torture Chamber
  14. Walk in Closet
  1. Torture Room
  2. Wine cellar with wine press and some bloody rags scattered around the press
  3. Brewery
  4. Golem Workshop
More of my own ideas
178: Dinosaur Containment Units
179: Submarine Bay
180: Western Bank
181: Underground Temple
182: Puppet Theater
183: Agency
184: 80's Room
185: Criminal Hideout
186: Comic Fan's Room
187: Wizarding World Room
188: Space Station
189: Pirate Ship
190: DnD Room
191: Escape Room
192: Slasher's Collection
193: Art Cabin
194: Antidote Lab
195: Motel Rooms
196: Board Game Room
197: Wax Museum
198: Casino
199: Gore Fountain
200: Murderous Little Girl's Room
201: King's Crypt
202: Lurker's Room
203: Skeleton Band Room
204: Spider's Nest
205: Witch's Kitchen
206: Ghoul Stairs
207: Mad Scientist's Collection
208: Library of Spells
209: Gothic Dining Room
210: Fog Room
211: Potion Shop
212: Bone Web
213: Redneck's Shed
214: Indoor Beach
215: Hellish Labyrinth
216: Wedding Chapel
217: Ballet Stage
218: Fun House
219: Castle Gallery
220: Moon Pavilion
221: Psycho Cinema
222: Suburban Garden
223: Racist Club
224: Bloody Playroom
225: VRcade
226: Tribal Arts
227: Robotics Room
228: Funerary Storage
229: Slasher's Wardrobe
230: Ski Lounge
231: Vampire's Crypt
232: Seaside Knick Knack Shop
233: Tree Farm
234: Mutant Bunker
235: Demonic Book-Building Workshop
236: Alien Nest
237: Medieval Gallery
238: Scarecrow Shed
239: Cabin Cellar
240: Room in Tarps
241: Dog's Room
242: Puppet Workshop
243: Candy Shop
244: Post-Apocalyptic Room
245: Christmas Hall
246: Fleece Room
247: Playground
248: Giant Cake
249: Cannery
250: Room Under Construction
251: Moth Light
252: Fiendish Kennels
253: Sheep Tents
254: Alien Court
255: Railway
256: Bunny Bridge
257: Funeral Home
258: Squatter's Warehouse
259: Algae Pond
260: Civil War Battlefield
261: Dollhouse
262: Vampire Party Hall
263: Daughter's Crypt
264: Doghouse
265: Writer's Room
266: Cloning Lab
267: Electrocution Chamber
268: Corpse Pit
269: Boarded Room
270: Snake Island
271: Fossil Cave
272: Arctic Crater
273: Surgical Theater
274: Chemical Silo
275: Psychic Test Center
276: Spider Den
277: Old Aviary
278: Black Magic Strip Club
279: Witch's Warehouse
280: Ancient Egyptian Tomb
281: Pumpkin House
282: Giant Snow Globe
283: Deer Cult
284: Giant's Home
285: Snake Pit
286: Reanimation Lab
287: Reptilian City
288: Drinking Lodge
289: Twin Girls' Room
290: Ancient Altar
291: Asylum Cell Block
292: Vomit Covered Room
293: Time Machine
294: Shaman's Tent
295: Locker Room with steroids in one of the lockers
296: Room of Shadows
297: Elder Brain
298: Giant Board Game
299: Dark Shed
300: Revolutionary Exhibit
301: Limacology Labs
302: Broken Stables
303: Gator Shack
304: Ant's Nest
305: Apehouse
306: Rich Cat Lover's Room
307: Insect House
308: Tengu Shrine
309: Rodents Room
310: Inside a Genie's Lamp
311: Insect Study
312: Reptile Room
313: Parasite Storeroom
314: Athena's Shrine
315: Frog Library
316: Ruined Date
317: Gladiatorial Arena
318: Simulated Haunted House
319: Gorilla House
320: Death Cult
321: A laboratory that looks as though people left in a hurry...
322: A medical room that seems as though someone died here.
323: Japanese VHS Enthusiast's Apartment
324: Prison of the Deformed
325: Room of Stretchers
326: Oni's Hut
327: Mongolian Tents
328: Room of Cloaks
329: Gothic Party
330: Pteradactyl Enclosure
331: Carnivorous Greenhouse
332: Rabid Kennels
333: Space Hangar
334: Hatchet Shed
335: Indoor Swamp
336: Room of Smoke
337: Old Man's Room
338: Murdered Child's Room
339: Weaboo's Room
340: Snuff Studio
341: Warlord's Tent
342: Gamer's Parlor
343: Tentacle Pools
344: Toll Bridge
345: Headhunter's Camp
346: Sugar Mill
347: "Vaginal Torture" Room
348: Dermatology Room
349: Volcanic Room
350: Nile Tomb
351: Farmer's Children's' Room
352: Infant's Play Room
353: Room of Flames
354: Innsmouth Pawn
355: Rabbit Room
356: Maternity Ward
357: Steampunk Workshop
358: Minotaur's Labyrinth
359: Goth Girl's Room
360: Serkhet's Shrine
361: Irish Washerwoman's Room
362: Wild West Shooting Gallery
363: Medusa's Garden
364: Room of Decapitated Heads
365: Toxic Barrel Storeroom
366: Alien Specimens Room
367: Fishing Shack
368: Sushi Farm
369: Shark Bay
370: Alien Plant Cave
371: Butchery
372: Exterminator's Room
373: Elliot's Room
374: Magic Theater
375: Pirate Ship
376: Surgical Bay
377: Viking Long Ship
378: Hag's Barn
379: Vampire Garden
380: Enchantress' Room
381: Mutant Bug Arena
382: Clown Toyshop
383: Underworld Gate
384: Arctic Labs
385: Padded Cell (Someone escaped from it)
386: Gym Supplies
387: Virginial Garden
388: College Library
389: Sex Room filled with Plushies for some unknown reason...
390: Weed Farm
391: Security Office
392: Horror Movie Studio
393: Gadgets Lab
394: Office Cubicles
395: Break Room
396: Superstitious Woman's Room
397: Sexy Nurse's Office
398: Rest Stop
399: Room of Old Dolls
400: Reveren's Room
401: Parental Room
402: Sex Dungeon
403: Escape Room
404: Hoard
405: A.I. Room
406: Technovault
407: Staffroom
408: Ritual Room
409: Hellish Stripclub
410: Criminal's Apartment
411: Military Kennels
412: Femme Fatale's Room
413: Brine Reef
414: Decrepit Police Office
415: Skeletal Ballroom
416: Murder Circus
417: Wolf Den
418: Sulfuric Pit
419: Tribal Room with Snakes
420: Zombie Outpost
421: Law Firm
422: Decrepit Building
423: Creepy Old Orphanage
424: Vampiric Enforcer's Room
425: Sorority Room
426: Leprechaun's Cave
427: Death Row
428: Ghost Finder's Lab
429: Sunken Ruins
430: Faith Chapel
431: Convent
432: Vampire Hunter's Armory
433: Tickling Chamber
434: Fishing Boat Dock
435: Terror Chamber
436: Room of Coffins
437: Agentry
438: Widow's Bedroom
439: Sleepy Hollow Gallery
440: Prisoner's Row
441: Occultic Library
442: Sunken Spire
443: Well of Souls
444: Tomb of the Pharoah's
445: Blood Chamber
446: Pit of the Giant Wolf
447: Victorian Tea Room
448: Gothic Museum
449: Satanic Church
450: Cedar Cabin
451: Halloween Shop
452: Magic Show
453: Skeletal Garage
454: Asylum Common Room
455: Lynching Yard
456: Occultic Garden
457: Dark Post Office
458: Black Wedding
459: Holy Portrait Hall
460: Rl'yeh Gate
461: Victorian Labs
462: Room of Globes
463: Hunter's Parlor
464: Retro TV Room
465: Hall of Miniatures
466: Persian Lounge
467: Photo Freak's Room
468: Maze of Screens
469: Pit of Sharp Objects
470: Pencilhead's Room
471: Puzzle Room
472: Key Cabinet
473: Room of Wooden Cubes
474: Room of Jackets
475: The Giant Cuckoo Clock
476: Rotary Room
477: Room of Lights
478: Swimmin' Hole
479: Typewriter Room
480: Smoking Parlor
481: Cigar Storeroom
482: Second Drawing Room
483: Murder Mystery Parlor
484: Golden Throne
485: Case-File Storeroom
486: Evidence Storage
487: Room of Pulleys
488: Slideshow Theater
489: Cassette Room
490: Room of Newspapers
491: House of Matches
492: Room covered in Duct Tape
493: Room of Plug-Ins
494: Static
495: Relaxation Chamber
496: Lake of Rust
497: Room of Passwords
498: Fishing Pond
499: Detective's Office
500: Pamphlet Office
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[Glitch] Give Cars to Friends - Simpler and Working Method

Impromptu Race Method was patched - so here is a simpler and similar method confirmed on xbox unknown PC.
This Glitch is from Brootango video link
Credit for original steps to u/04KD
1) Friend in your session with the car you want
2) Disposable car - you can use an NPC Car (put it in your MOC first) or an elegy
3) MOC
4) A second friend on GTA Online in Xbox/PS List in a different targeting mode
If you need a friend in different targeting - a little tip is to go to assisted aim, go to a public lobby and be nice and make a friend :)
Glitch Steps
Set aim mode to free aim in creatostory, join friends only session
1 - Meet at casino parking lot in the back
2 - Get your MOC out, get the RH8 out of the moc (TIP! As seen at the 0:04 mark in video, park the MOC with the back past the last parking spot so NPC cars do not prevent you from entering)
3 - Your friend calls the car via mechanic which you want from him - have this car about 4-5 car lengths behind MOC.
4 - Friend opens interation menu (and leaves open until end of glitch) and then gets into your RH8s passenger seat
5 - Now drive into your moc with your friend inside the RH8, you'll freeze and your friend will get kicked out (if friend is not kicked out, have them leave the car via Y or triangle)
6 - Friend re-enters RH8, drive into casino parking lot (not penthouse garage)
7 - Press PS Button/XB Button to unfreeze, wait for at least 50 seconds frozen
8 - Friend gets out of car with triangle/Y, you'll drive in (you see your friend in the car even though he got out)
9 - Infinite blackscreen, join someone in diff. targeting mode via PS/Xbox Menu (you cannot access crews due to loading screen), accept first, decline second alert
10 - Open pause menu, go to criminal enterprise starter pack then back out of pause screen and press Y or Triangle to leave the invisible car
11 - Wait until you die or spawn above the map
12 - Now tell your friend to stand nearby your MOCs back, you go into the MOC, menu on top left should appear
13 - Choose 'Enter alone', infinite black loading screen
14 - Same as step 9 - join someone in diff. targeting mode, accept first, decline second alert
15 - You're invisible (for a limited amount of time - around 30 sec), get into friends car, you'll be in your own MOC with his car
16- Done
Confirm this on Xbox last night (yes it even works with oppressor)
FYI - this is a dirty dupe - meaning the plates stay with both cars. This is a great glitch for sharing cars, not good for growing inventory to sell. Use arcarde/nightclub glitches for those.
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The Undercity of Kol Taram

Hey, I do a bunch of world building and homebrew for the campaign I run for my friends, and I figured I'd share it if anyone wants to use it.
The Undercity? Yeah, it’s dangerous! You’ve got the redcap goblins, they aren’t much a danger by themselves, but they’ll give ya a hell of a time if a group gets you alone don’t you know? The Coldwrought clan moved down there some decades ago of course, and then… well, I don’t believe it myself of course, but they say stone giants still wander around down there. Gives me the shivers!
-Elsta Barrlow
The Undercity of Kol Taram is a city that was never meant to be: it exists in a massive drainage system built to protect Kol Taram above from spring melts from the nearby River of Colors. Across the Fallen Bridge on the other side of the cavernous drain channel, stone giants live a secluded life. The Coldwrought Crime Clan rules the Undercity with an iron fist, based out of their hotel/dungeon “The Dark Hive.”
Woven between these dangers (and so many more) there are, of course, wonderous things, too: Yawmbo, the bugbear keeper of The Dark Hive, can acquire near anything you need; Cadence Clearwater, the skinny, high-strung tiefling can craft a specialized tattoo that allows anyone to summon a familiar; within the simple lean-to that Kev the Kenku has an assortment of interesting items plucked from the streets, amongst them the odd thing of interest.
The Undercity Always Flows
Many have tried to map The Undercity, but nobody has yet succeeded. Due to the violent, and untrusting nature of many of the denizens, The Undercity is constantly tearing areas down, and building anew. A night doesn’t pass without at least two incidents of arson, and any especially loud squabbles that border on riots result in the stone giants across the Broken Bridge lobbing boulders amongst the city which also result in frequent “re-zonings.”
The best way to orient yourself to The Undercity are to look for the towering, 10-story high pillars that serve as both buildings and anchors to a fluid city.
While there are many other structures outside of these super-structures built to support the weight of a mountain, most major buildings congregate around them.
The Ring of Rejects
The Undercity was not meant to be inhabited, but once The Squall began to rage, and a permanent winter has set in, there is no chance that the River of Colors will flood. Those not of dwarven descent often found that Kol Taram was a place they could never thrive, and many found their ways, by exile or by choice, to this so-called sixth ring, the Ring of Rejects.
The Broken Bridge
The only support structure to have ever fallen within the drainage system has left a massive, 100’ wide bridge of uneven and broken stones across the 120’ deep drainage ditch. Across it lives, hidden by piled boulders, a small hermitage of stone giants… or so the legend goes. The Broken Bridge is said to be their method of assault, should the violence in The Undercity ever spill over.
Refugees of Kol Taram
After Kienscale was awoken, and Kol Taram sacked, many of the citizens who knew of the Undercity and the methods to reach it, left the city through this dangerous route. Some lost their lives, most their possessions, and few chose to stay. Those few form around The Glowing Pillar, the mages of The Bearded Consortium dispelling whatever errant arcana had caused the faint light to radiate out from it, allowing the displaced dwarves to fashion out a makeshift fortress. There, elements of The Stoneguard gather, training the remaining citizens and gathering allies to eventually take back their city.
Controlled Anarchy
There are no set laws in The Undercity, save the unspoken, universal threat of the stone giants that might again assault the city should it grow too riotous. The Stoneguard keep order around the areas of The Glowing Pillar, and The Coldwrought Clan has enforcers keeping the money flowing and outside influences in check. The Goblin Gabbles is thoroughly ridden with goblins, who obey their own laws, a strange and violent pecking order that keeps their infighting at a steady level, and their threat to the city as a whole limited.
A Dark City
The Undercity features prominently races with darkvision, so aside from The Glowing Pillar and the Pillar of Stairs, there are not frequent sources of light. Those that do dot the inns, streets, and doorways of homes tend to be gas lamps turned to their lowest setting, or sweet, earthy Smolderwart, a pale white moss that burns for hours with a faint light and fragrant smoke.
Guide to the Undercity
I lived in the Ring of Copper once, you know? Me, a fat greenskinned goblin! No matter how good I became as a smith, it became obvious I’d never be more than skilled labor.
So I moved, moved to the Undercity. Every day, death lurks, maybe not nearby, but around every corner you smell him: a feral, red cap’s knife or maybe one of the Lumare’s creepy hands around your neck; but when nobody pretends to like you, it’s a lot easier down here to know who to trust.
-Miggblin, owner of Miggblin’s Custom Bladework.
The danger of The Undercity, especially to humans and the aarakocra, cannot be understated. That said, outside the Coldwrought Clan, deception is not often practiced: this is a place where the sword will often prevail over the pen.
The Natives
The Ring of Stone is already within the realm of The Underdark, and The Undercity serves as a place for its citizens and those from the service to mingle. These places were not always occupied by sentient races: before Kol Taram came to be, the cavernous dark was occupied by hideous creatures dreamed into existence by a beholder in the Second Age. Thriving amongst the dark and deadly hellscape of this underdark were the Lumare, grey-skinned humanoids, more spindly than graceful, with unnaturally flexible joints which cause them to have a strange, exaggerated gait, and the ability to easily scale the stony walls of the underdark. Nearly wiped out by dragons, and again when The Undercity boomed into existence after the defeat of the Parroa Rebellion, they hold a place of awe and respect, even amongst the rabble of The Undercity. They are said to be able to read minds, and know your actions before you do.
The rest of the creatures that belong to The Old Ones are less beloved, and wandering too far into the dark nooks of the city may find you face to face with them:
Wandering Old Ones
Dreamcrawler: Crawling along the walls, ceilings, and under bridges, these hands with bony, exposed, skeletal tips for scratching. (CR ½)
Fearwalker: Eyeless, bipedal humanoids with long, hooked ears, exaggerated mouths, and a taste for fear. They stalk the frightened, lost souls that wander into their domains. (CR 3)
Shadowstare: A flat creature of shadow that clings to a wall or under a shelf, though when it’s one massive eye opens it can be as dangerous as any beholder’s gaze. (CR: 5)
Zombie Beholder: (CR: 5)
Spellcasting Services
There are not many spellcasters in The Undercity, as the red cap goblins have a superstitious fear of magic, and they tend to target magic-users with more murderous intent than others. As such, there are no established spellcrafting services. The Bearded Consortium has powerful mages, but they are geared toward returning Kol Taram to its former standing; the Purple Terror who lurks in the city above keeps them wary.
Living and Lifestyles in The Undercity
‘Poverty’ is an easy term to toss around within the Undercity: many of the abodes are squalid, temporary structures of pitiful design. This can be deceiving, however, as The Undercities denizens are loath to show off anything of value. These items, beautiful or rare or expensive, are carried on one’s person, or hidden carefully away. As such, it is hard to determine a person’s real wealth.
Education and Learning
Due to the transient nature of The Undercities populace, traditional schools aren’t common. The Undercity is no place for children. Within the Kol Taram garrison, safe in the halls of the Glowing Pillar, dwarvish children resume lessons under the direction of Headmaster Heurd Rocknose. There are rumors of a Lumare training ground somewhere deeper within The Underdark called The Alabaster Terrace, where the Lumare hone their unique abilities, though none have seen it. Most who call themselves “lifers” who were born and raised in The Undercity take on apprenticeships.
There are no markets or centers of commerce, though what stores do exist tend to cluster close to, or within, the massive pillars that support the cavernous roof of the space The Undercity occupies. The Washed Market outside of The Dark Hive may be the only exception: under careful watch of Coldwrought enforcers, an open-air black market, a warren of tables, takes place on every Wednesday. Nothing living is to be sold but narcotics, stolen jewelry, historical artifacts, unsavory meats, and dark secrets can be found. While outright violence is not tolerated, the Coldwrought Clan does not concern itself with petty theft, and will take no action against thievery.
Tax Day
There is not a tradition of open celebration of holidays within The Undercity. The only “special” day is Tax Day, which can happen at strange intervals but usually once or twice a month. On this day, Couldwrought enforcers spread across the Undercity in groups, beating up locals who cannot pay for their “taxes.”
Sports and Games
The Undercity does attract it’s fair share of gamblers and unsavory types that are happy to make a quick copper at another’s expense. The Dark Hive features poker tables, Bluffer’s Cup, and for those with the pieces, a private Gragram room.
An ancient dwarvish game that requires pieces scattered across the northern parts of Dominion, lost with the falls of two of the original citadels. Those who can find pieces will bet on fighting them with others; the pieces are enchanted, and can do harm only to each other; the pieces rebuild themselves after one day.
Bluffer’s Cup
Each player has three tiles: the shield, the sword, and the hand. It is a rocks, paper, scissors with betting and deception involved.
The Square of Might
Operated by The Coldwrought Clan, The Square of Might is a small fighting arena with two tiers of seatings. Fights may be arranged, with the loser being paid, the winner being paid more, and the house taking most. Fights are not typically to the death, but True Boughts are fought to the death.
People of Prominence
There is no recognized government, or set of laws outside of the unspoken ones that seem universal within the Undercity. Instead, there are people of prominence whose spheres of influence have shaped the behaviors of those around them.
Yawmbo - A bugbear with oiled and styled hair brushed back across the fine black vest he wears over a brown-furred torso, Yawmbo speaks little, but is surprisingly intelligent. He works as a broker, and can obtain most things for players, in return for them completing tasks for the Coldwrought Clan, though this is never explicitly stated.
Chief Schneek - At 24, Schneek is ancient by goblin standards. He is blind now, but could once read the fortune of the Undercity using rat bones. He despises magic users, such as The Hidden Hag, who he blames for taking his site. His eyes are made of stone.
High Mage Wucrut Coalbeard - 322, Wucrut is a chauvinist, old-guard High Mage who resents the introduction of women to the Bearded Consortium. He is a powerful evocation mage, and proved himself in the Battle of Skaar against the Fire Giant Legion.
The Hidden Hag - Deep within The Statuary Pillar, amongst its hallways of petrified humanoids, shifting living statues, resides a pale, veiled woman known as The Hidden Hag. None have seen her face, though rumors speak of looking upon her resulting in the many statues around her abode. She keeps to herself, but hers is the only pillar with a good radius of emptiness around it.
The Stalker - The lone Lumare who makes permanent residence behind The Stalker’s Perch. He is quiet, speaks few words, but communicates mostly through his eyes. His insight is unparalleled, and he hunts down those who would cause particular trouble in the streets of The Undercity.
Dorgram Coldwrought, Patriarch of the Coldwrought Clan - The most dangerous man in The Undercity, Dorgram Coldwrought is 121, and has been groomed from birth to run the Coldwrought Clan. He is merciless, speaks slowly, but his words have great gravity. He always wears dull navy gloves with gold cappings around the knuckles, and around one eye is heavily tattooed to make it appear as if the flesh is peeling away to reveal bone.
Holy Places
The Undercity is a place that slows for freedom of worship, and nowhere is that more obvious than the Madruuc Lambus, undercommon for “Market of Gods.” Dug into the ground itself, a cave-like series of shafts and small caverns dedicated to the many gods that others worship. Less crime happens here, as those who defile a chamber of a deity are likely to find trouble with their followers.
Within the boundaries of The Glowing Pillar and Fort Taram that has risen up to house the dwarven refugees of Kol Taram, there is a simple stone church known as “Last Hearth,” a simple place to keep the flame of the Dawnfather’s Horizon Cathedral burning while the city is under siege.
Just outside of the city, in a cave that requires spider climb to access, there is a large altar designated for Lolth, and many drow slip away in secret to worship here.
A City of Factions
The huge, 100’ wide pillars that support the weight of Mount Taram above this system of gargantuan drains generally form the center points for factions, though not always. To call any of these groups outside of The Coldwrought Clan and the Red Cap Goblins organized is a stretch, but each of these groups has the resources, manpower, or prestige to lay claim to at least a small slice of The Undercity.
The Shadow Scavs
The Undercity was born of need; those who could never find a place amongst the elitist dwarves above, moved to a place where they could rise up as high as any other. Many did not wish to move below, however, bought south the help of those in dark places to get materials restricted to them. These people came to be known as The Shadow Scavengers, or Shadowscavs for short.
They are a motley group of thieves, smugglers, and fences with the occasional use of Autis, a warforged enforcer usually hidden beneath a large jacket and hat, to protect magical items. Their symbol is a pair of crossed, upside down pickaxes.
Ally Benefits:
- Material costs for smithing-related projects are reduced by 15%
- You may purchase the Rat Tunnels map from any Shadowscav leader for 10gp
A small contingent of Stoneguard, the law keeping force and military of Kol Taram above, escorted refugees down to the Undercity. They currently man Fort Taram, the Gateway Garrison, and a small defensive position outside of The Pillar of Stairs to safeguard against any scouts from the invasion above.
They are hardy warriors, with stone-coated half-plate and either two-handed mauls or one-handed war-hammers and shields. Their leader is The Stonewarden, Vaddarus, a younger male dwarf who always plays it safe.
Ally Benefits:
- You may be accompanied by a Stoneguard about the boundaries of the Undercity if you wish. They will provide you with some protection from the Red Cap goblins and various other entities.
- Access to the Stoneguard Armory, which sells basic armor and weapons at 10% off the base market price.
The Coldwrought Clan
Of all the factions in the Undercity, The Couldwrought Clan is the most powerful and the most dangerous. The actual family members of the Coldwrought Clan number maybe two dozen, but they employ countless other dwarves, goblins, kenku, drow, and anyone else willing to back their clan up for the price of a little gold.
Led by Dorgram Coldwrought, the family patriarch, they grow wealth with hidden desires to take back the citadel above that cast them down.
Ally Benifts:
- You can hire a Coldwrought Enforcer at the price of 5gp a day.
- You may stay at The Dark Hive free of charge, with one fine meal per day included.
The Bearded Consortium
Once one of the two primary powers within Kol Taram, The Bearded Consortium has stood for 500 years as a men-only convocation of powerful magic users, primarily wizards. They are powerful evocation magic users, but have flaunted more political power than actual magic in recent centuries.
In a large upset of tradition, with the fall of Kol Taram, Zelga Stonestaf, a female dwarf, has been made a full member. In this time of desperation, many welcome to powerful, blunt woman who wears a porcelain mask.
Ally Benefits:
- -10% to all components needed for a spell tagged as evocation.
- Access to the Consortium Militia armory, where scrolls of spell levels 1-3 can be purchased, at the DMs discretion.
The Six Great Pillars
As said before, the easiest way to break up the ever-shifting mass of humanoids that make up The Undercity is by the most proximate Great Pillar to their location.
The pillars themselves have been carved and built into over time, with the Goblin Gabbles being the most haphazardly worked and porous-looking, and the Pillar of Stairs being the most well-kept. It’s difficult to break down the pillar neighborhoods in terms of economic lines, but those who live within The Dark Hive tend to be very wealthy; those who live around the People’s Pillar count themselves as the most squalid in an already poor town.
Getting Around
While The Undercity is not massive in terms of it’s horizontal footprint, many of the pillars have carved stairs, and ascend stories into the dark with warrens, housing, and even small shops for those who know where to look. While it takes no more than two hours to walk from end-to-end, climbing to the top of The People’s Pillar may take nearly a day for those unfamiliar. As a general rule of thumb:
Statuary Pillar Locations
The Stoneyard
A church-like building of old casketwood, and fenced in areas of earth where the dead are interred. The Stoneyard is a gravesite that is backset by the Statuary, and even features statues scavenged from within the Statuary pillar itself. Part of the trio of reputedly haunted buildings that make up Quarry Row.
The Gentle Repose
At one time, The Repose was a beautiful structure, built to house the noble Clan Grandcrest who all succumbed to madness. The one beautiful, Victorian-style home has now been transformed into a hotel, of sorts, though ghosts can frequently be seen walking through walls to different rooms.
Goblin Gables Locations
Deek’s Cart
Every Wednesday, Deek, a meek, skittish goblin, will bring a wheelbarrow-sized cart of belongings stolen by the Red Cap goblins to the Dark Market, but those in the know will tell you that Deek lives under the Goblin Gables. He even deals directly with the Shadowscavs.
Pillar of the People Locations
Bloodworm Farm
One of the few edible things deep underground that grow readily are blood worms, each about four inches long and the width of a middle finger. They are protein rich and taste very iron-heavy. They are grown in troughs, and eat both dead organic matter and rust.
Commoner’s Infirmary
A large tent, similar to a circus tent, though its slowly become a more permanent fixture in The People’s Pillar neighborhood. It is a field hospital, with a limited supply of medicine and an even more limited number of people trained in the healing arts.
Mudbath House
The earthy, deep pits of thermally heated mud. For an added fee, they can even properly wash after.
The Glowing Pillar Locations
The single forge now operates on behalf of the Taram Resistance. It expands slowly but surely, all the wire pumping out armor and weapons night and day.
Kevin is a kenku who has set up a tent on the outskirts of The Glowing Pillar neighborhood. Most of what he has is junk, but now and then, he seems to come by a treasure or two.
A general store that sells damaged and broken goods well below market price.
Rois Quarry
A large, three layer deep quarry for mining grey granite for bricks.
The Bleedin’ Stout
Named for its signature drink, The Bleedin’ Stout is a traditional dwarvish drinking hall, with a large chandelier, and features a sort of bloodworm pasta with a red pepper sauce that burns the iron flavor right out.
The Training Yard
Amidst the buildings of Fort Taram, there is a large stone courtyard dedicated to 24-hour combat exercises.
The Dark Hive Locations
The Dark Hive
The Dark Hive itself is one party casino, one part sprawling hotel/dungeon that houses The Coldwrought Clan’s interests. On the fifth story of the tower is the Coldwrought Apartments, where the crime family lives, and deals with their top clients.
The Dark Market
Under careful watch from the Coldwrought enforcers, every Wednesday sees a large
Square of Might
To the west of the pillar proper, perhaps ten minutes walk, is a large, iron cube. There are vents on the top, which allow steam from the gathered crowd to escape. Within, there are seats for roughly 60 people, and a raised marble square where organized fights take place.
The Gourmand’s Kitchen
This small, eight-seat establishment operates within Coldwrought territory, and provides one meal a week, every Friday Night. It is highly exclusive, and few know what occurs within these walls… there are rumors that many of the items on the menu are harvested from the streets of The Undercity and beyond...
Further, due to the nature of The Undercity (violent and volatile) many shops rise and fall quickly, or change locations. The following merchants may be located anywhere within The Undercity, or not at all, at the DM’s discretion.
The Shoddy Scholar - A small shop filled with second-hand books piled on every available surface. Run by the deep gnome Gildroby Middleweasle who knows exactly where every title is, and exactly what's in stock. Specializes in fiction.
Feathered Lands - A tiny store, with a single drafting table, a desk, and a few shelves of rolled up, large, scrolls. Mi-Zhan, a middle-aged drow woman shaved bald, though constantly fussing with her head, can create and provide maps of Underdark locations.
Hchvat Marganum - Infernal for “Blown Glass”, Hchvat Marganum is just that: a glass blower. Owned by the tiefling Partillin, proud and sarcastic, it can produce glass of master quality.
Liquid Courage - A medium-sized Inn of a poor quality. Ownership frequently changes (at least once a week), resulting in odd, mis-matched decor.
The All Sleeper’s Domain - A medium-sized tent with comfortable pillows piled throughout. 10gp will get you a pleasant dose of Dreamer’s Stick, a minty, chewy reed that can induce a hallucinatory dream state. Many can’t quite remember where they’ve left all their things when they leave.
Cadence’s Tattoo Parlor - Always moving, the rapid-speaking, stream-of-consciousness speaking tiefling, Cadence Clearwater runs a tattoo parlor wherever somebody can track her down. She specializes in a tattoo that can summon a semi-spectral familiar (1,000gp, plus the ashes of 10gp worth of incense, herbs, and charcoal.) once per day.
Dungeons of The Undercity
The Undercity, by its very nature, might be considered a dungeon, depending on your disposition and willingness to overlook rampant violence. However, there are areas in both the developed pillar communities and the surrounding caverns that present particularly perilous settings.
The Statuary
Though the hag who is rumored to wander the halls of the pillar known as The Statuary has expressed nothing more than a desire to be left alone, the statues that dot the hallways, rooftop, and even surrounding The Statuary itself, were all adventurers, criminals, or sight-seekers who ignored her wishes and sought the various treasures said to remain from the Drow military outfit that used to inhabit the tower. The pillar itself was designed to be defended, with a pair of staircases twisting around each other through the center, visible to each level that passes. Not all statues remain still, either; gargoyles, mimics, and ropers all take residence here.
Stone Giant Settlement
Behind large piles of stones that obscure the settlement proper from the other side of the Broken Bridge, are massive steps that lead to a sunken-in portion of earth, hiding the true height of the giant’s large community-structure: similar to a pyramid, though each brick features fine linework to give the entire thing the appearance of being made my miniature stones. Within lives a small community of stone giants, who call themselves Draj-Larc, “The Dark Dwellers” in giantese. They live a quiet, secluded life, and seek to elevate their home to even finer heights, the leader chosen every 500 days by who has provided the most improvement to their lair.
The Dark Hive
An appropriate name for a complex, five-story-high maze of apartments, functional rooms, workshops, and storage areas. The Coldwrought Clan runs the entire structure, though as it expands ever-upward, even they don’t know the true extent of the pillar’s workings anymore. Many of those missing from the uneven streets of The Undercity still live (in the better scenarios) within The Dark Hive. Past the first level, which is largely a dark, smokey casino, intruders will be met with fierce resistance from the Coldwrought Clan and those in their employ. The complex nature of The Dark Hive does carry with it one advantage: There are no means to sound an effective alarm outside of a very localized area.
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  23. In a world. Where aliens play Risk to pick who's president. One man. Plays Risk with some aliens on a permanent forest-fire planet. And they be all like, damn, playa. James Bond's casino games seem like children playing at Chutes and Ladders compared to this. 4/5 ganja glands
  24. Ayahuasca Journey to the Center of the Space Phallus. I'm asking sincerely: can we establish a formal council of extraterrestrial contact, before the fact, that weeds out the douchebags? GADFADFART: Good Astronauts For A Douchebag-Free Alien Rendevous Team 3.6/5 sentient pterodactyls
  25. my favorite short story from here: the one about the guy who keeps finding mysterious notes with clandestine instructions hidden inside most of his food. China Miéville is kinda great! 3.9/5 translucent foodstuffs
  26. misleading title--use of only one weapon. 2.5/5 "Skaffen-Amtiskaws"
  27. Virus Lives Matter: is Space AIDS a terraforming project? Shouldn't we at least ask it? 3.8/5 philotes
  28. "I've pieced together your demonic plans, diabolical minions of Satan--" "This is a book club dumbass. Help yourself to the cheese plate." I'm not even mad 3.5/5 satans
  29. my favorite part is when he's in the virtual city filled with NPC bot people going about their business and he climbs onto the back of an old woman to ride her into town as she shuffles along her scripted path completely unhindered and unaware. ♪ ♫ Old Lady Taxi / Surely make you lose your mind / Old Lady Taxi / Everything all the time ♪ ♫ ♬ 3.2/5 Old Lady Taxis
  30. this decadent, meandering wet dream brought to you by Cutty Sark. 2/5 feelings I couldn't quite put my finger on
  31. author tackles the timeless human archetypes of Giants games and waste management. Exceptionally snappy American dialogue! 3.4/5 trash nukes
  32. Serial media pirate is contacted by AI comprised of experimentally digitized lobster consciousnesses living on a KGB server who request his help in defecting from the country. He helps out the digital KGB lobsters and gets them a job on a space station. With a penchant for esoteric legalese and software that generates shell companies on the reg, he conspires to get his kid away from his ex wife by setting up a company in Yemen, leveraging a bizarre synergy between Shari'a and a lax policy loophole regarding chattel slavery so as to legally designate her simultaneously as the property of the company and also technically the controlling investor of that company. "Yemen is one of the few countries to implement traditional Sunni shari'a law and a limited liability company scam at the same time. Owning slaves is legal – the fiction is that the owner has an option hedged on the indentured laborer's future output, with interest payments that grow faster than the unfortunate victim can pay them off – and companies are legal entities. If Amber sells herself into slavery to this company, she will become a slave and the company will be legally liable for her actions and upkeep. The rest of the legal instrument – about ninety percent of it, in fact – is a set of self-modifying corporate mechanisms coded in a variety of jurisdictions that permit Turing-complete company constitutions, and which act as an ownership shell for the slavery contract. At the far end of the corporate shell game is a trust fund of which Amber is the prime beneficiary and shareholder." Yada yada yada, the queen of the solar system propels on a giant laser beam this thumb drive spaceship containing the digitized consciousnesses of herself and several others in order to meet up with the source of a deep space signal transmission a parsec away, and when they make first contact the aliens don the appearance of lobster-people having mistaken the digitized KGB lobster transmission they first encountered as the primary form of Earthling intelligence they assumed they would encounter. Why do you look like lobsters? they ask, confused. Why don't you look like lobsters? they reply, equally confused. At this point I'm laughing out loud and remembering how much fun I had reading Hitchhiker's Guide. 3.8/5 computronium singularities
  33. "so like this girl I was into, like, got sick or something because her facebook implant glitched and I was all like whoa mine just gives me lesions and hairloss and she was like I'm all scared, dadada, feelings and stuff, and I'm like man you're getting me all sad or something, so I haven't heard from her for a while but when my mood got low I got these sweet khakis recommended to me and clicked to order them in every color. I was trying to get my mind off junk just eBumping on my iJammer with my broskis when her dad like shows up all angry like 'neurological', 'terminal', 'asinine', and I donno 'molecular equations jurisdictional electromegnetism' or some dadada, so I'm like, 'Look man, you talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded, but tell her to hit me up when she's like not all squanched out in the ICU or whatever'" 3.7/5 units
  34. 93 come for the hocus pocus, stay for the entire written history of mountaineering, replete with cafe receipts and casualty counts 4.5/5 93/93's
  35. Is it kosher for a neurotypical author to do 1st-person fiction from the point of view of an autist? Tell me so I know whether to enjoy this or not ???/5 dead wellingtons
  36. Afghan Buttrapes of Wrath. OK, the Dust Bowl was depressing, Johnny Grapes, I'll give you that. But you may have met your match with this little number out of Kabul. Man, this has been a dark summer. 3.7/5 well-placed slingshots
  37. Flight attendant wouldn't let me finish reading it on the plane because of carry-on size restrictions. After finally finishing, I was found dead in the dark parking lot of a maquiladora, according to witnesses, anus and vagina obliterated beyond recognition several thousand times over. 3.5/5 bubis?? not sure, my brain is soup
  38. yeeeeeesh. from the big armpit to the big apple. *squinting*...Not sure if heartwarming memoir of poverty and flagrant negligence, or low key piece of Chicago School propaganda ???/5 alcoholic dads
  39. a fascist java applet blackmails fortune 500 companies and starts a cult on World of Warcraft. 3/5 RC Humvee roadkills
  40. lol "The 33 Strategies of Peace" sounded boring, so here I am. 3.9/5 napoleons
  41. Depressing burka adventures. Cathy Ames has nothing on this shovel, dickhead 3.9/5 shovels
  42. my Dad likes to tell stories about the bands he got to see live in the 70's. He often brings up seeing KISS and recalls with boyish wonder the stage effects and pyrotechnics, including a guitar that begins to smoke in the middle of an Ace Frehley solo and then levitates 30 feet in the air and explodes. Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's is an autobiography by the guy who happened to engineer those pyrotechnics, though that's just a small section of the book. 3.3/5 magnesium garage fires
  43. "Some people stockpile canned goods and water in preparation for major disasters; sociopaths stockpile free-market ideas." 4.8/5 dead Allendes
  44. who would win? The Department of Homeland Security... or one techie boi? 3.9/5 suspensions of habeas corpus
  45. "We've been rehearsing a classic from antiquity, Green Eggs and Hamlet, the story of a young prince of Denmark who goes mad, drowns his girlfriend, and in his remorse, forces spoiled breakfast on all whom he meets." Fuckstockings, how could I not like this book? 4/5 Fuckstockings
  46. more like Naked Propaganda, amiright? Insult to injury: no actual nudity. Insufferable! 0/5 naftas
  47. Magical Batman, directed by Michael Bay. "Pretty cool, huh?" The high-fructose corn syrup of literature. 2.3/5 pretty cool huhs
  48. whimsical as fuck. like some modern welsh chapter of Devi Mahatmya with pratchett vibes. 3.5/5 literal stitches in time
  49. "I guess sometimes you never know what kinds of skeletons people might be struggling with." ... "I know what you mean. Like, when you steal a 17th century Dutch oil painting during a terrorist attack and hide it under your bed, and that shit just eats at you day and night." ... "What?"..."What?" 4/5 Hal "Hobie" Holbrooks
  50. A.I. love, inter-species nookie, quantum symbiote mind virus, reasonable space pirates, plucky ship mechanic Kenzi Malikov Frye on acid...this title had me rushing back for the next installment. I thought science fiction was supposed to be dry and joyless? 5/5 lizard orgies
  51. when make big people project, make more people talky. more talky, more better project, like war or spy 2.5/5 interdepartmental liaisons
  52. A.I. raising children in a manner that is not dystopian? Kind future people offering a job and a place to stay to an A.I. who's down on her luck. She chooses her first tattoo. Adorable. We better get started on a Bill of Rights for these people, pronto. 3.9/5 feral junkyard children
  53. We have several nouns for movement through geographical space. 1) "Voyage" derives from the Old French voiage and comes into English from the Latin viaticum, "provisions for a journey", and viaticum contains via, "road." So "voyage" is saturated in the material: what you bring along when you move through space and what you tread upon as you do so. 2) "Journey," is rooted in the temporal, derived from the Old French jornée, its ancestry the Latin diurnum, "the portion for a day," with the root dies, "day." It is not hard to imagine how "the portion for the day" became the word for "trip": long ago, when a journey might take months and even years, it was more comfortable to speak not of the "voyage," what you needed to survive your trip, but of a single day's progress. When the word was newborn, just one day's worth of movement was a significant enough activity, an arduous enough enterprise, to warrant a name of it's own. This talk of arduousness brings me to 3) "travel", a first cousin of "travail," which Merriam-Webster defines as "painful or laborious effort" and has as a medieval Latin root relation to trepalium, "instrument of torture." So "travel" suggests the emotional dimension of traveling: not its artifacts or its duration, but how it feels, for in the days when these words took their shape and meaning, travel was above all difficult, painful, arduous, and strenuously avoided by most. The one English word that combines all these--the distance, the time, and the emotion--is "odyssey," from the classical Greek odysseia: the name of an epic poem about the hero Odysseus. The origin of his name involves the word odynê which you might recognize in the word "anodyne", a compound when pulled apart shows its meaning: an- "without" and -odynê "pain." So Odysseus, the hero of this vast epic of voyaging, journeying, and travel is, literally, "the man of pain." Mucho learnings! 4/5 blind cyclopses
  54. Friedmanites Can't Find the Clitoris 5/5 climaxing comrades
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